Markets and industries. trinamiX sensor systems for industrial and miniaturized applications.



Bin picking: Object recognition enabled by trinamiX sensor systems


Using trinamiX 3D sensing systems, robots can determine the position, shape, and orientation of free form objects. This enables novel applications in pick and place systems, robot vision, automated inspection as well as volume and part measurements. Depth measurement with trinamiX can be realized in challenging set-ups for industrial and factory automation.

Consumer products


3D sensing enables new features in consumer electronics: 3D face verification is an alternative to existing biometric systems like fingerprint sensors or iris scanners.

New user experiences, such as "no-touch" computing, will change the way we interact with our devices. 3D gesture control is paving the way for augmented and virtual reality applications and will enable new forms of human-computer interaction. Gaming and gamification elements can be incorporated in consumer and semi-professional applications.  

trinamiX offers a lean and reliable solution to support this development. Its low demand for computing power makes our sensor system also an excellent choice for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.