trinamiX 3D Imaging. Simultaneous depth measurement, high-resolution 2D image capture and material classification.



The imaging system from trinamiX consists of a standard CMOS sensor and an infrared light projector. It enables the real-time capturing of 2D image, 3D depth information and a unique material classification. Material classification enables e.g. the differentiation of skin from other materials for high-confidence biometric face authentication. All three features (2D image, depth and material classification) are quickly captured and with the same standard CMOS sensor. The analysis is done with proprietary algorithms that turn the standard hardware into a robust and powerful imaging system.

Various applications are possible: In the industrial area, the imaging system is used in robot control for bin picking. Fill level or volume measurements as well as gesture control in cars are also possible. trinamiX imaging system has been miniaturized for the integration into smartphones where it improves current methods for face recognition: The system not only provides 2D and 3D information, but also a material classification and thus adds another authentication layer to face recognition.

trinamiX sensor systems determine distance from beam profile properties

Key benefits

Key benefits

Industrial applications such as robot navigation or fill level measurement

Mobile application such as face verification, augmented reality or gesture control

Solid-state 3D scanning requiring low computational power

Depth measurement

Simultaneous depth measurement and high resolution 2D imaging

Cost-efficient and easy to integrate

Single camera setup with customizable field of view

Fast algorithm with energy-efficient use of current GPU technology

3D imaging system


trinamiX imaging system for industrial applications

trinamiX imaging system for industrial applications

Exemplary specifications

Resolution (CMOS):

2 Mp

Measurement speed:

30 HZ

Field of view (depth):

50° x 38°

N (depth):

1000 points


850 nm

Measurement range:

250 - 1500 mm


10 mm (at 1000 mm)


36 x 88 x 39 mm

These characteristics are specifications of the demonstrator. They are not limitations for a product.


trinamiX imaging system for mobile applications

trinamiX imaging system for mobile applications

Miniaturized trinamiX imaging system


32 x 8 x 4 mm


Mobile devices such as smartphones or smartglasses

Possible applications:

3D face verification, gesture control, home robotics

Prototype specifications to follow

Bin picking


The trinamiX imaging system is perfectly suitable for the application of bin picking. Its small footprint and light weight makes installation even on small robots with low payload feasible. Continuous high-speed measurement (60 fps and up) of the sensor allows for very fast pick point recognition. The robust RGB-D sensing enables 3D bin picking and object recognition (e.g sort by color or QR code).