• 01. December 2019   Nachrichten aus der Chemie

    Mobile measuring instruments

    Analytical systems that fit into one hand are suitable for diverse purposes. The industry needs it to control quality, the police in forensics, the fire brigade after explosions. trinamiX has developed a handheld spectroscopy solution to control the quality of food, beverage but also pharmaceuticals and other use cases.

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    Nachrichten aus der Chemie
  • 31. October 2019   Die Rheinpfalz

    BASF subsidiary trinamiX GmbH produces infrared sensors in Ludwigshafen

    A caring mom can be a great help, also for companies. trinamiX GmbH, based in Ludwigshafen, is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF and benefits from the chemical company's wealth of experience. trinamiX produces tiny infrared sensors at its headquarters in Industriestraße.

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    Die Rheinpfalz
  • 20. September 2019   IEN

    Sensor for distance measurement through optical fibers

    trinamiX combines for the first time with its fiber sensor the characteristics of traditional fiber sensors with precise distance measurement. Existing fiber sensors can only detect the presence of objects. The trinamiX fiber sensor measures distances accurately, robustly and quickly – even under challenging conditions.

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  • 16. September 2019   Focos

    Summary of Food Fraud Detection Goes Mobile Session

    Wilfried Hermes, Director IR Sensing from trinamiX, presented Hertzstück™ and the trinamiX mobile spectroscopy solution at this year´s AOAC meeting in Denver.

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  • 27. August 2019   Photonik

    Distance measurement with optical fiber sensors

    Fiber optic sensors are often used as light barriers in industrial applications. A reliable measurement of distances is so far not possible. With the new measuring principle of beam profile analysis, distances can also be measured through optical fibers.

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