Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room

?? 2018

Hertzstück™: Sees things that the human eye can’t

Knowledge is a key for making informed and healthy life decisions. But sometimes, visible information is not enough. With Hertzstück™, we are determined to provide a new, empowering knowledge tool which enables all of us to better control the things we eat, the clothes we wear or the medicines we take. By using near-infrared spectroscopy and transforming the spectra into data that everyone can understand, Hertzstück™ makes the invisible visible and broadens our knowledge of the world around us.

We presented this prototype spectrometer during the London Restaurant Festival 2018 in the pop-up restaurant Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room. For more information, pictures and videos about this event, please feel free to visit basf.com/hertzstueck.

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