News from trinamiX

  • Eval Kit Multi-Pixel and Multi-Single-Pixel
    19. May 2020

    trinamiX Multi-Pixel Evaluation Kit

    Read more about trinamiX USB-powered Multi-Pixel Evaluation Kit for a quick and easy way to test the capabilities of PbS and PbSe Multi-Pixel infrared detectors.

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  • IR Detectors MultiSingle Pixel
    12. May 2020

    trinamiX Multiple Single-Pixel detectors to detect multiple materials or gases with one detector

    Learn more about multi material and gas detector solutions with Multiple Single-Pixel detectors.

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  • Multi-Pixel detectors with 4, 12 and 16 pixels
    05. May 2020

    trinamiX Multi-Pixel PbS and PbSe infrared detectors

    Find out more about how Multi-Pixel PbS and PbSe infrared detectors from trinamiX are suitable for application-specific spectroscopic devices.

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  • Spectral Response Ranges
    28. April 2020

    Measuring infrared radiation using trinamiX lead sulfide and lead selenide detectors

    White Paper to get a basic understanding of PbS and PbSe detectors and how you can work with them.

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  • 22. April 2020

    PbS and PbSe detectors for industrial and medical measurement applications

    Find out about PbS and PbSe detectors from trinamiX that are available from stock.

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  • PbS Chips
    26. March 2020

    trinamiX Produces the Required PbSe Chips Necessary for Breath Gas Analysis to Support the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients

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  • Spektroskopie Anwendung
    23. March 2020

    trinamiX launches Mobile Near Infrared Spectroscopy Solution:

    A Powerful Combination of Sensor, Data Analytics, and Molecular Expertise

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  • trinamiX_features 3D
    06. March 2020

    trinamiX joins Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program

    Read more about our collaboration with Qualcomm: Their program focuses on accelerating the commercialization of new technologies through their direct access to smartphone OEMs. With this support we can develop our 'live skin' detection- technology as an element for the improved security of facial recognition in mobile devices.

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  • BC detectors on PCBs
    12. February 2020

    PbS and PbSe bare chip detectors on solderable PCBs

    Read more about trinamix PbS and PbSe bare chip detectors on solderable PCBs.

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  • SPIE2020
    11. February 2020

    trinamiX @ Photonics West 2020

    Thank you for visiting us at Photonics West 2020! We appreciated the productive discussions and the conducive input. Don't hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

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  • IR Detectors Single-Pixel Bare Chip
    02. February 2020

    trinamiX PbSe photoconductive detectors with detectivities up to 2·10^10 Jones

    Find out about trinamiX lead selenide (PbSe) detectors.

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  • Werbebanner Photonics West 2020
    18. November 2019

    Meet trinamiX in San Francisco!

    Meet trinamiX at Photonics West, from 4-6 February 2020. Use the chance to visit us at our booth in the German Pavilion, Hall F, Number 4545-38.

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  • CIOE Thumb
    23. September 2019

    Thanks for visiting us @CIOE and Sensor Expo Japan

    trinamiX was represented at two trade fairs within two weeks - for the first time in Asia.

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  • Logos CIOE und SensorExpo
    30. August 2019

    Meet trinamiX @ CIOE and Sensor Expo Japan

    In September trinamiX will be present at two trade fairs in China and Japan.

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  • Fido Logo
    01. August 2019

    trinamiX joins FIDO Alliance

    This cross-industry coalition has the mission to establish authentication standards to help reduce the world´s over-reliance on passwords.

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  • SpectroNet
    01. July 2019

    SpectroNet Collaboration Conference in Jena

    Meet Sebastian Valouch at the JENCOLOR SpectroNet Collaboration Conference.

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  • trinamiX @ Laser World and Sensor + Test
    28. June 2019

    trinamiX @ Laser World and Sensor + Test

    From June 24/25 to June 27 trinamiX exhibited a brand-new design and was represented at two exhibitions: the Laser World of Photonics and the Sensor + Test.

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  • LaserWorld StartUp Award
    01. June 2019

    Laser World of Photonics Start-Up Award 2019

    trinamiX has been nominated for the Laser World of Photonics Start-Up Award 2019.

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  • Sensor + Test 2019
    15. May 2019

    Free entrance for Sensor + Test 2019

    If you like to learn more about both our infrared and 3D sensing solutions, we would like to invite you to visit us at our booth for free!

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  • Imager Innovation Award
    14. May 2019

    Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award 2019

    trinamiX is nominated for the Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award 2019

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  • Fiberoptic Sensor
    01. March 2019

    trinamiX nominated for the AMA Innovation Award 2019

    We are very pleased to announce that trinamiX has once again been nominated for the AMA Innovation award 2019 with our innovative XperYenZ™ fiber optic sensor!

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  • Sensor + Test 2019
    10. February 2019

    Sensor + Test 2019

    Mark your calendars for 24 - 27 June to meet the trinamiX team at Laser World of Photonics in Munich!

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  • Banner LaserWorld 2019
    08. February 2019

    Laser World of Photonics 2019

    Mark your calenders for 24 - 27 June to meet the trinamiX team at Laser World of Photonics in Munich!

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  • SPIE Messestand
    08. February 2019

    Photonics West 2019, San Francisco

    From 05 - 07 February 2019 trinamiX was represented at Photonics West in San Francisco.

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  • Logo inVISION Top Innovation Award 2019
    16. January 2019

    trinamiX receives inVISION Top Innovation Award 2019

    On January 16, 2019, the trade journal inVISION presented its Top Innovation Awards for 2019 and the trinamiX 3D sensing solution XperYenZ™ is one of the winners!

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  • Future Dining Room
    30. November 2018

    Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room

    We presented our prototype spectrometer during the London Restaurant Festival 2018 in the pop-up restaurant Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room.

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  • Vision
    09. November 2018

    VISION 2018

    At this year's Trade Fair Vision in Stuttgart we showcased our 3D imaging technology and a solution for bin picking.

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  • ISO Certificate
    28. September 2018

    trinamiX GmbH receives ISO certification

    trinamiX GmbH has received the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate by the independent testing and certification body of TÜV Hessen.

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  • Video
    30. June 2018

    "We drive innovation"

    A 10 minute Film about BASF-Start-Up trinamiX: "We drive innovation"

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  • trinamiX stand at Sensor+Test in Nürnberg.
    29. June 2018

    Measurement Fair SENSOR+TEST 2018

    From June 26 to 28 trinamiX team showcased was represented at the measurement fair SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg, Germany.

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  • Analytica
    14. April 2018

    International Trade Fair ANALYTICA 2018

    The international Trade Fair ANALYTICA in Munich was the first tradeshow where trinamiX presented the company's line of IR sensors.

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