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  • 15. April 2020

    trinamiX Mobile Spectroscopy Solution

    trinamiX new mobile spectroscopy solution works with small IR semiconductors that have a high detectivity. Applications range from agriculture to food and beverage testing as well as chemical and industrial processes. Inbound control, quality checks, on-the-field analytics, material sorting and identification are amongst the use cases that trinamix can support.

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  • 26. March 2020   PhotonicsViews

    Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution First Shown at Virtual Lab Show

    trinamiX launched a mobile near-infrared spectroscopy solution. The company offers all the needed competences in a single, handheld device: mobile and robust hardware, precise data and material analytics and excellent molecular and chemical expertise. The device functions as a “lab in your pocket” to improve your on-the-spot decision making.

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  • 12. March 2020   CNet

    Live Skin Detection

    trinamiX is bringing live-sensing-technology to mobile phones. With this technology, it is possible to identify living skin - improving facial recognition-based security. Partnering with Qualcomm, trinamiX is working on bringing its algorithms into future phones.

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  • 09. March 2020   Forbes

    trinamiX’s Beam Profile Analysis Is Much More Exciting Than It Sounds

    trinamiX new technology, the Beam Profile Analysis, adds skin detection capabilites to biometric authentication - making facial recognition technology more secure. The company is working on integrating this feature into future smartphones. However, trinamiX’s solution is not just a smartphone application; it can be used in laptops, for bin picking, hand-tracking, and more.

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  • 06. March 2020   ZDNet

    Live Skin Detection Tech Aims to One-up Apple's Face ID Security

    Qualcomm is betting on a German technology company that analyzes backscatter reflections to defeat face detection spoofs and and is working on offering the technology as a competitive answer to Face ID form Apple. With its Beam Profile Analysis, trinamiX goes beyond the already existing biometric authentication with 2D images and 3D depth maps and adds skin detection capabilities.

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