Our vision: To enable improved decision-making and security through unique sensing technologies that understand the hidden data all around us.

What drives us?

trinamiX GmbH is based in Ludwigshafen, Germany and was founded in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, the world’s largest chemical company. As a startup operating within the organization of BASF, we are not just operationally independent, we also have unique and unprecedented access to the expertise and experience of the entire BASF Group.

With our patented technologies, we have been chartered to enable humans and machines to capture and understand the hidden and invisible world all around us for improved decision-making and security.


In 2011, scientists from BASF made an unexpected discovery while characterizing under-development opto-electronic materials. The team traced a measurement anomaly back to a unique, totally unexpected behavior from one of the organic solar cell formulations.

The discovery, at first considered to be a flaw, instead turned out to be a revolutionary, eye-opening feature that enabled instantaneous 3D depth measurement through a monocular system.

In the years that followed, an interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, material scientists, and engineers formed trinamiX and reaped the benefits of this discovery by using the effect for distance measurement products as well as 3D sensing applications.

During the development of our 3D sensor systems, the trinamiX team was searching for a unique, wafer-thin infrared sensor with specific characteristics to complement the solution. However, a product with these specifications was not available on the market and was in fact deemed nearly impossible to create – so being BASF, we invented one.

That’s when trinamiX started the development and production of our Lead salt-based infrared sensors with a new thin film encapsulation that dramatically enhanced our visualization product line and solutions with a whole new feature set.

Today, trinamiX is disrupting a wide range of markets with both our 3D sensing and IR-based technologies – all thanks to an accidental discovery that yielded profound new opportunities to help us understand the hidden world of data all around us.


With a team of more than 100 experts across different fields, we are developing and selling the world’s most advanced 3D and infrared sensing technologies. To maintain quality control at every level of production, our team and development facility are all located in Ludwigshafen.

We all share a strong passion for technology and focus our efforts on taking 3D and infrared sensing up to the next level. Besides building on our own competencies, we work with the world’s best companies and collaborate closely with our customers to solve their individual sensing challenges.

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Managing Director and Chairman

Dr. Ingmar Bruder
Dr. Ingmar Bruder, Managing Director of trinamiX GmbH

Dr. Ingmar Bruder

Physicist Dr. Ingmar Bruder is the Managing Director of trinamiX GmbH since it spun out of BASF SE in 2015. Previously he was a researcher for organic photovoltaics at BASF SE. He made the discovery that built the technological basis for our 3D sensor systems. Ingmar received his Ph.D. from the University of Stuttgart, Germany in cooperation with Max Planck Institute for solid state research and BASF SE.