The separation of the measurement head and the electronics allows measurements under challenging conditions such as high temperatures, vacuum or strong electric fields. This is especially relevant for hygienically demanding processes in food processing or high-temperature manufacturing. The compact design of the measurement head makes it perfect for applications where there is little room available for a measurement device. It also allows existing sensors to be upgraded to add distance measurement, e.g. in factory automation. Most importantly, trinamiX enables fiber optic sensors to be used Industry 4.0-type data-based production environments.

Conventional presence detection systems can have a high error rate when used for natural products with varying colors, shapes, orientations, or for metallic objects. The absolute and robust distance measurement of trinamiX' fiber optic sensors eliminates these problems: Is every blister filled with a pill? Are enough chocolate chip cookies in the package? Fiber optic sensors from trinamiX enable these questions to be answered quickly and accurately.